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Art Across Frontiers intends to take a tour of world artisanry in its hot air balloon to reveal the border cultures

- Inventory high-quality artisanry that is disappearing

- Create collaborative, cross-border artisanal projects

- Inform about little-known cultures in a different way

The Yellow Newspaper
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Art Across Frontiers

World to gather. Art together.
"Let us observe the phases of history.
The eras that were the most fruitful, the most inspired and the most alive always bore witness
to flourishing artisanry. Artisanry only, not doctrine, can reweaken
the consciousness of peoples."

Schwaller de Lubicz
Mission 2014
Himalayan Territories!
In 2014, we are embarking upon a voyage to the territories of Himalaya, a region that we have selected for its varied native artisanal, artistic and philosophical knowledge. The Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world and a natural boundary, divides this population, which was united in the past.

With the help of Loomy - weaver and interweaver of cultures through the weaving of his body - we will go out to meet artisans who still have exceptional expertise and bring them together to work on collaborative, cross-border projects. We will also encourage exchanges and the transmission of knowledge so that this rich culture is never forgotten.
"By weaving my own body, I will help build ties with exceptional
artisans with ancient, magical, sometimes indigenous knowledge."

Loomy, a new kind of reporter
A fellow traveller
who is ready to weave
himself into new cultures
Born in 2013 in an imaginary hot air balloon, Loomy is a young reporter unlike any other who was invited to take part in the Art Across Frontiers program.

His keen eye, sharp memory, unique morphology and reporting talent will go far to help initiate contacts with artisans, thereby helping preserve ancient techniques and knowledge, and communicating on this culture in an innovative, yet poetic way.
Art Across Frontiers
is seeking funding to help Loomy
go out on his first tour
Wanted! Funding!
Art Across Frontiers wishes to provide
social momentum to the project
by inviting companies to directly
participate in the adventure
Wanted! Company for collaboration!
The Yellow Newspaper
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